Aquarius Man: Good Traits, Bad Traits, Love And Sex

This could be a traditional dinner by candlelight, but he’ll put an extra touch or two, such as a Riverboat dinner cruise. They are represented by the water-bearer, and are ruled by the planet Uranus. Aquarius isn’t big on public displays of affection. However, at the end of your date, he may Kasidie search surprise you with a passionate goodnight kiss as he tests this possible change in your relationship dynamics. He may end your date there or he may desire to explore romantic possibilities further. You can comment on how you make a great team and then compliment him on a trait you admire.

He’s talking to you about the “good old days”

When they’re in love, they may pull away simply because they don’t know how to navigate these intense emotions. Because they place a high value on their freedom, an Aquarius man may also pull away when he feels like his independence is being threatened. If an Aquarius man thinks he’s not ready to be in a new relationship, he might just walk away and let you find someone who will love you the way you deserve to be. As one of the most cerebral signs, Aquarius men tend to get frightened with unfamiliar emotions. Whether it’s just being friends or making things work as a couple, he’s ready for it all. Brainstorming and confronting issues with their superior intellectual abilities is second nature to them.

For the Pisces woman, she finally gets to experience the fulfillment of her desires to get a deep and intimate connection with her Aquarius partner. The Aquarius man and Pisces woman compatibility is pretty great all around. As far as their compatibility goes when it comes to what goes on under the sheets is concerned, Aquarius and Pisces sexually vibe with each other pretty well. This may require some work and understanding, but once the Aquarius man is ready to commit, the Aquarius-Pisces marriage is like no other. It will be a happy, healthy marriage as both stars want the same things from their marriage. The best aspect of the Pisces and Aquarius friendship is the fact that they both share the thirst for knowledge.

Their love is in a way shared on a group of people and although it is not that romantic, it is very important to them as the foundation of their entire belief system. When it comes to a romantic relationship, two Aquarius partners could feel a lot for each other, but are more likely to perceive each other as friends. If you are dating an Aquarius man, you may want to know about him before committing yourself. Our post can give you an insight into an Aquarius man in love. To start with, he has an innate magnetic appeal and wisdom. He may often be found lost in his and does not hesitate to speak his mind.

I don’t text him sometimes cuz I think you know what why do I always have to text….and he will text lol. Giving him a chance to invite me over and I never ask to stay over I think it’s working cuz now I’m invited 2-3 times a week…. I know one of his stalkers that is infatuated with him. He calls me, he texts me and no one else to do things with. I am a Virgo, I will never chase anyone no matter how hot or amazing they are.

How do make an Aquarius man obsessed with you?

One of the best personality traits of Aquarius men is that they are wonderful listeners. They will hear your thoughts and feelings without judging you. They never make fun of anyone’s feelings or bully them. Aquarius and Pisces compatibility can be weak — or it can be strong. It’s hard to tell how these two signs are going to interact with one another. They both want to do their part in helping humanity.

Make sure you can keep up your end of the conversation too, though, since Aquarians are attracted to intellect. Once you start dating an Aquarius, keep the surprises coming since they love learning, experiencing life, and living to the fullest. You can also try to be creative together by planning trips, playing music together, or even learning a new hobby that you can share. Sometimes you’d swear your Aquarius’ alter ego was Holden Caulfield — he absolutely can’t stand phonies. He can see right through you if you start self-presenting and image-maintaining so don’t do it. Know that yourself is all he wants.Be honest at all times.

Our Love Calculator is a FREE and easy-to-use service for finding out just how good the match is between you and your future lover. Importantly, this touching doesn’t have to be sexual—but it certainly can be. If things are really serious, he may even try to kiss you—which he will do passionately. If he exhibits this behavior while other people are around and can see, especially, you can know he is into you.

They are very different from each other and will not find stability in a love relationship. Leo’s wife is proud, she does not admit mistakes; while Aquarius is eccentric and affectionate. Both of you will realize, in time, that the relationship may not prosper. HI ive been my boyfriend for over 18 months and been friends for 13 years.

He’d rather spend on what he sees as valuable and save the rest for future opportunities. Given that theAquarius man’s traitsare not geared towards conforming with society, you’ll be getting a good life or work partner in him when it comes to managing money. You’ll be one of many friends he has, and while he’s not flaky, there are certain thresholds he won’t cross in terms of priority.