Best Astrology Dating Sites & Apps March 2023

Our list of astrological dating sites will prove very helpful. Astrology tells you a lot, asides from personal things about you. With astrology, you can check a person’s traits and other horoscope details to decide if they are a perfect fit for you. People have standards for dating, and astrology dating may be a great way to find their spec. The stereotype is somewhat prominent, and people often profile astrology as a way to cloak toxic traits. However, zodiac dating is a thing, and online is the best place to find that sense of community and the best person for you.

I love love love the concept of NUiTAstrologyMatchDating! I feel like this could make a huge impact on the astrology community. But if it was a more facebook/forum type app i bet it’d be the top app in less then a year! Though there are a few risks to using astrology in dating, it’s a positive way to get to know a person better. For another, it can be fun to put your zodiac sign in your dating profile, especially if you love astrology. Regardless of that, more astrology enthusiasts should join.

SilverSingles is slightly more expensive than OurTime, but its unique matchmaking process stands out from the competition. It uses personality-based matching to deliver hand-picked matches daily, making it a good option if you have a busy schedule without time to spend trawling dating sites. She saw an opportunity in an astrology-based dating app to bring together her interests in astrology and tech and to build something that slowed down the process of using a dating app. On Struck, users are limited to four matches a day with no ability to “swipe” through users as they can on Tinder. I loved NUiTAstrologyMatchDating until I went to interpret my chart further.

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The online contact form requires users to fill out a subject line, their name, email address, and a description of their comment or concern . Once it is submitted, there is no information about how long it will take to receive a response. Otherwise, you can create a new account to save purchased reports. Readings are usually immediately available or emailed within a few hours.

But I’d rather put myself out there and see what happens. Even those who already possess experience with astrology will benefit from this profound look at these five planets and their potential for expansion of self-awareness. Zoosk Seniors is one of the more affordable dating platforms we’ve seen, and it boasts a suite of interactive features. It offers even more than OurTime on this front, including gamification to help you engage with potential dates. If you want a fun, modern dating experience, Zoosk Seniors could be the right option.

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Paying month-to-month costs $29.96 per month, while committing to a 6-month plan brings the price down to $17.96 per month. You will also have access to a selection of extra features with the 6-month subscription. OurTime dating also has some of the fun swipe features made famous by Tinder. The site’s “who do you like” feature lets you flip through photos of people and save the photos you like to review later. If you really can’t stand the thought of it, you’ll find someone that doesn’t buy into it.

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She’s got decks of tarot cards, posts horoscope crap daily, adores witch craft, conspiracy theories, voodoo, palm reading…. Pretty sure the only thing she doesn’t indulge in is crystals (thankfully, because I don’t want them all over the house lol). Lastly aren’t some thing important to hold as boundaries in relationships on what you need from a partner when trying to date people? I think spirituality and religion is one of those things for me personally. Born on November 23, 1992, Cyrus is a Sagittarius sun, Taurus rising, and Scorpio moon.

Users can be more upfront about their intentions, which can lead to more honest and open communication. Hot and flight dating sites work by connecting users who are looking for short-term relationships. Users create a profile that includes a photo, a brief bio, and some basic information about themselves.

These sites use astrological compatibility to match people who share similar traits, values, and interests. Users create profiles and provide information about their zodiac sign, birth date, and other personal details. The site’s algorithm then generates matches based on the user’s astrological compatibility with other users. Some astrology dating sites also offer additional features, such as horoscopes, compatibility charts, and personalized readings. These features provide users with more insight into their astrological compatibility with potential partners and help them make informed decisions about who they want to date. Like other dating apps, the recently launched Struck requires a profile, photos and personal details.

I can see someone with a rudimentary understanding of astrology using these signs to make unfair assumptions about someone. Comet herself was already entrenched in the astrology community when she became involved with NUiT. “When I saw the app I automatically was like, ‘Wow what a cool idea,'” she said. When she discovered the NUiT team was based in Greece, she felt it was a signal to get involved and she contacted them.