How much does PayPal cost

How much does PayPal cost
Does a PayPal account in Italy involve any costs? Opening an account is totally free, as is no charge for “Using PayPal casino to pay for purchases or make donations or for any other type of business transaction, except for transactions involving currency conversion.”

In addition to transactions involving currency conversion, there are fees to be incurred by those who:

Receives a donation: charged a fee of 3.40 percent plus a flat fee, which in the case of the euro equals 0.35 cents.
For those who send and receive donations from abroad (with the exception of countries belonging to the EEA, European Economic Area): a fee of 1.29% applies for the United Kingdom and 1.99% for all other markets.
For those sending payments for personal international transactions: a fee of €1.99 applies for those sending payments to Canada, Europe I, Europe II, Northern Europe and the United States; a fee of €1.99 applies for those sending payments to any other market.
More details on fees can be found

on PayPal’s official website.
How payment works on PayPal
It is not very complex to make a payment through PayPal. For example, payment for goods or services requires:

Log in to your PayPal account
Click on “Submit”
Enter your email, cell phone number, or name in the appropriate bar if the referenced contact is saved in PayPal’s address book
Press on “Continue”
Specify the amount you intend to deposit
Press “Continue” to finalize the transaction.

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