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Still have money in the bank, and am getting ready to buy a new car. Do you see the pattern coming back again. So the only ones that are still here are the guys that have nothing, and are looking for someone to take care of them.

Meeting Men

But I did not plan or want to go younger. Women dating younger men should be careful. Eventually some biological switch will go off in them, and they will suddenly see the woman as too old for them. Insecure, immature, not knowing what they really want.

These very troubled women need to get a real life, since they really don’t have one at all unfortunately. Remember, clocks and calendars only move in one direction, FORWARD. You can give up but time will still move forward and you will move with it. Things will get better, you just have to give it time. I know that sounds like a cliche but you know it is true.

Facts Of Older Woman Younger Man Relationships

Some people use this time of upheaval to get better like eating better or getting rid of what is not serving us. Now the other half decide to have a mid life crisis. They try to cling to their youth or they fill like they have missed out on something or they think that their spouse no longer is what they want.

Besides J-Lo, look at Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, the list goes on….It is time we changed our ancient notions of age and vitality. Your article makes me sad for you – you sound so bitter and unhappy in your own right- perhaps this is why you are having trouble finding love? The way you speak of younger women is just so discouraging, as a fellow woman- you are simply adding to the notion of women tearing down women. Find your joy and you will attract someone equally joyous. Your post sounds like you have baggage and would scare me away in short time. I want to have a relationship with someone my age.

Your sex drives may not be the same.

I won’t just give my body out like candy to anyone, but when I do find that special someone there will be a great deal of time spent in bed. If you men want the younger women then go for it. I prefer someone around my age because I will have more in common with that man and hopefully they will have the same level of maturity. I agree, I tried my luck at 2 dating sites for about six months, and not even a wink or a smile.

I never looked at men this way and I only strived to find a kind man to share my life with. I am not always looking for something better when I find a good man. Butch, please be assured that all women are not like your wife. I would be happy with a hard working, loyal, dedicated man like yourself. I am not materialistic and don’t care about heaps and heaps of money, renting planes, and all that.

And many of us definitely would’ve been all settled down ourselves with our very own family that many of us men still don’t have today as i speak. I am a 54 year old, reasonably attractive male who has never been married, but am currently on dating sites (like eHarmony and Christian Mingle, etc.) and am not seeing anyone like you out there. The younger women (30’s and 40’s) are either looking to be taken care of, or want to have kids, which I do not.

Getting in the Right Mindset

If a woman truly “loves” you, as you’ve heard them say, there should be no problem with compromise and giving in the relationship, especially as it relates to the bedroom. The Central Scrutinizer……I can understand your resentment. What you’ve said makes sense to me. And not to knock California, because I think it is a beautiful and dynamic state, I have seen and heard about what people’s expectations generally are who live there.

What’s more, those attributes take on even greater importance to anyone who has been burned by an ex, let alone an ex-spouse. Your guy is in the former category. Besides that, he doesn’t seem to have a long-term plan, much less a short-term plan.

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. I am a 48 yr old woman who has met a 40 yr old man. I’m a 33 yr old man who is dating a 47 yr old mother who still lives with h…

I’m 56, I take care of myself, and the men I date are also in my age group. And these men are athletic, fit, attractive and successful. Sure, they can date younger women, but many chose to date those closer to their age. I feel generalization is never accurate. Don’t know where the stats are from but I have to disagree with the stats.

Sick of husband, lets move on, not getting any younger, show me the money. My wife is not dumb, 4K in her pocket. Let’s analyze and not hide these facts please.

I view my job at this stage, being to help my three kids save for their first houses. I’m a bit late here, I’m a 5’4″ 125lb 57 year old woman that still sports a bikini. 1 long-term relationship since my divorce that was for approx.